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Quality herbs

Hrbvor teas are a daily dose of goodness. I enjoy all the flavors and love what it's doing for my health.

Jonathan, CA

Great For Kids

Finally, a drink my kids crave that's actually good for them. Your sparkling mini cans are a game-changer!

Sammie, NY

I feel the benefits and it tastes amazing!

You can see, smell, taste & FEEL the quality of the herbs. The more I drink the more I notice the effects and the better I feel. Thank you!!!

Hannah, TX

Teas to please needs

Hrbvor teas delight your tastebuds and elevate your health by artfully curating organic herbs with amazing flavors and powerful phytonutrients. Our still and sparkling teas give you ready to drink function on the go to stay revived, focused and calm. Our potent loose leaf blends help you reach a wide range of personal health and wellness goals.

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The power of herbs

Hrbvor (her-biv-ore) sources functional herbs from premium organic farms around the world. These remarkable plants have been safely and effectively used for thousands of years in herbalist traditions to promote health and wellness. Modern science reveals they are among the plant kingdom’s most concentrated sources of phytonutrients shown to help protect cells against oxidation, inflammation, infection and more.

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Our story

Zahira, hrbvor’s Founder & Chief Tea Officer, is from the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Martin where she grew up making teas with functional herbs grown fresh in the family garden. When she moved to the US in 2016, she sent her young children to school with home made teas as an alternative to the unhealthy drinks that lined the shelves of the grocery stores. Word spread quickly among other families who loved the flavors and health benefits, and hrbvor the business was born.

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Our mission

Garden Life is at the heart of everything we do. It begins with our belief in the power of nature to elevate our health and wellness. It is reflected in our commitment to sourcing herbs from organic farms to ensure purity in every sip of our tea, not to mention keeping toxic pesticides out of our land, air, and water. It extends to our practice of converting our brewed herbs into rich organic compost to keep waste out of landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and replenish organic farmlands. It lives in our commitment to teaching others how to grow and harvest nature's goodness for themselves. Join us in nourishing the health of our bodies and planet by embracing Garden Life in your corner of the world.

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