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Calm your nerves, drink herbal tea.

Nervines for Tranquility

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Focus your mind, drink herbal tea.

Nootropics for Productivity

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Revive your body, drink herbal tea.

Electrolytes for Recovery

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All of our herbal teas contain anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-viral phytonutrients scientifically proven to support a healthy mind and body.





Fueling happy healthy humans

Seth | Golden Beach, FL


last purchased Focus 8oz & Revive 8oz

Flavors are exotic and delicious. We feel amazing drinking them. I love Revive in the heat. My wife's favorite is Calm. We both like Focus at our desks. The cans look awesome around the table and are always a hit with our guests. We keep the fridge stocked and love that the kids reach for them as a treat, chugging herbal minis like they're soda!

Seth | Golden Beach, FL

Nicole | NYC, NY

LOVE it!!!

last purchased Revive 12oz

Most definitely my favorite tea!!! Revive brings me back to the Caribbean...Moringa??!! Sorrel??!! Lemongrass!!!! So healthy, so refreshing, so delicious!!!!!

Nicole | NYC, NY

Chava - New Milford, NJ

We love them

last purchased Revive 12oz & 8oz

My whole family enjoys them, and it’s HUGE that our daughter is drinking so much (she is not a fan of water and used to frequently get dehydrated). Thank you for making such a wonderful product that is super healthy and delicious.

Chava - New Milford, NJ

Charles | Manhattan, NY

Champagne of Teas

last purchased Calm 8oz

I discovered your lovely herbal teas at our local grocer, who happens to charge a fortune for them. I was pleased to find that you sell online at an excellent price. The teas are very refreshing with complex layered herbal notes. You can taste and feel the quality.

Charles | Manhattan, NY

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