Zahira Marmar, Founder of Hrbvor 

Growing up in the hills of St Martin in the Caribbean, garden life was always my way of life. In my family's garden, we grew many varieties of mints, sages, basils and more to brew for daily tea. We had herbs for every common ailment, but most days we drank tea for its delicious tastes and many health benefits.

When I moved with my husband and young children to the US in 2016, I could not grow all of my favorite herbs in the new climate. I began sourcing herbs from organic farms around the world, introducing me to new plants and herbal wisdom. In our new life in America, I recognized the profound advantages of herbal tea for my children compared to the sugary drinks sold to children in the supermarket that lead to so many negative health issues. In contrast, I knew herbal teas had profound health benefits helping to nourish and protect their growing bodies from stress, pollution, viruses and more. 

So I infused herbal teas every night in my kitchen and filled up-cycled water bottles to put in their backpacks. I always used herbs that combined functional benefits with amazing flavors and added a touch of healthy raw honey so they enjoyed every sip. I made teas to boost our immunity during cold season, help with focus on projects and exams, revive our energy before the gym, calm nerves before a recital, and the list grows on.

My teas quickly caught on in our community with families looking to elevate their own drinking habits.  Soon I could not keep up with demand, and decided to find a way to make my teas available to a larger audience. Although I now brew tea in volumes I never imagined, my commitment to maintaining the highest quality remains unwavering.

Today, I make teas for every parent like me, who prioritizes their family's health and happiness. I use the same organic herbs for our customers as I do for my own family, carefully sourcing functional leaves and flowers from sustainable organic farms worldwide, and cold infusing them to capture their powerful phytonutrients and exotic flavors.

It's my honor to bring the best quality functional herbs to your fridge, cupboard, desk, backpack, car, and wherever life takes you!

Herbally yours,