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Welcome from our Founder

Hi! I'm Zahira, a wife, mom, gardener, and the Founder & Chief Tea Brewer at Hrbvor.

My passion for herbal tea goes all the way back to my childhood in the emerald hills of St Martin, my beautiful island home in the Caribbean.

Growing up, drinking herbal tea was a way of life. You could say it is literally steeped in our culture. Our days routinely start, pause, and wind down with a glass of herbal tea.

I learned as a child from my parents to identify, plant, pick and brew a myriad of different herbs that nourish specific aspects of our health. Every common ailment has a herbal tea remedy. But most days, we drink teas that taste amazing and support overall good health and wellbeing.

In 2016, I moved with my young family from St Martin to New Jersey, where our herbal tea culture evolved. When I could not grow some of my favorite herbs in the new climate, I found amazing quality herbs sourced from organic farms around the world, and discovered some new favorites.

Every night I would brew teas for my family, and in the morning I would fill up-cycled water bottles for the children to take to school. I made their teas delicious so they would enjoy every last drop and fuel their growing bodies with all of the herbs' amazing phytonutrients.

Soon my home brewed teas caught on with friends and family, and I saw an opportunity to bring the goodness of herbal teas to the public.

Today I brew tea in volumes I never imagined, but that has not changed my commitment to quality.

I still source organic herbs sourced from the best farms around the world, and cold brew them the old fashioned way to capture their powerful phytonutrients and bold flavors. No shortcuts.

I brew tea for every person who understands the amazing health benefits of herbal tea, but doesn't have time to source, brew, and bottle their own.

I brew tea for every parent who refuses to compromise on their family’s health or happiness.

I am as committed to you and your loved ones as I am to my own, and I am honored to bring my herbal teas to your fridges, tables, desks, cars, backpacks and anywhere life takes you.

From my hands to yours, here's to drinking to our sound minds & bodies!