A message from our Founder

Hi, I'm Zahira, and I'm thrilled to share my hrbvor (her-biv-ore) journey with you!

Growing up in the beautiful hills of St Martin in the Caribbean, my family embraced herbal tea as a way of life. Day and night we drank tea infusions made with a variety of herbs picked fresh from our garden. We drank tea as much to enjoy its amazing flavors as to reap its health benefits.

When I moved with my young family to New Jersey in 2016, I could not grow many of my favorite herbs in the new climate.  So I sourced herbs from organic growers around the world that introduced me to new herbs and herbal wisdom.

I especially recognized the value of herbal teas for my children versus the unhealthy sodas & juice drinks found in stores. So I infused herbal teas for them with a touch of honey, filling up-cycled water bottles to pack for school and their activities.

Whether it was boosting immunity, promoting focus during exams, or providing calm before a big rehearsal, I always used herbs that combined functional benefits with amazing flavors so my children enjoyed every sip.

My teas quickly caught on in our community with families looking to elevate their own drinking habits.  Soon I could not keep up with demand, and decided to find a way to make my teas available to a larger audience.

Today, I make teas for every parent like me, who prioritizes their family's health and happiness. Although I now brew tea in volumes I never imagined, my commitment to maintaining the highest quality remains unwavering.

I use the same organic herbs for our customers as I do for my own family, carefully sourcing functional leaves and flowers from sustainable organic farms worldwide, and cold infusing them to capture their powerful phytonutrients and exotic flavors.

It's an honor to bring my teas into your fridge, cupboard, desk, backpack, cars or wherever life takes you.