Above: Organic Hibiscus, White Peony, Moringa, Mint & Lemongrass being weighed for our loose leaf teas.
Below: 2 lb "teabags" of the same premium. organic herbs being cold steeped in 500 gallon tanks for our still & sparkling teas.



To give you he most delicious and healthy iced teas possible, hrbvor follows three rules when selecting the herbs in our formulas:

  1. Refreshing exotic flavors that appeal to people of all cultures and ages (aka our children and their friends have to like it).

  2. Long history of safe and effective use in traditional herbalist traditions to support health & wellbeing (if we don't know, we don't use it).    

  3. High concentrations of phytonutrients scientifically shown to help protect our bodies from oxidationinflammationinfection among other health benefits. 

As hrbvor has grown, we have always insisted on maintaining our quality.  We never cut costs by using conventional herbs with questionable farming practices that include the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides.  We insist to give our customers the same herbs and tea we drink at home.  It only feels right.

We therefore also avoid using cheap highly processed
"natural additives" such as “extracts”, “flavors”, and other odd sounding chemicals.

Did you know that the majority of the natural beverage industry actually is made from heavily processed powders and syrups added to water?  Neither did we until we started manufacturing tea!  

Hrbvor insists on making tea at scale the same way we do for our family and friends around our table at home. We believe that brewing real organic leaves, flowers and roots in water is the way that nature intended, the way human beings have been doing safely for thousands of years across cultures and continents, and perhaps most importantly:  the way that tastes best.

The only thing that has changed at hrbvor since we grew out of our kitchen is that now we use bigger teabags. 

From our hands to yours, it's an honor to serve you our herbal teas.

*Note: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not evaluate the efficacy of herbs and our teas do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases.