Ready to start your own garden or volunteer at a partner community farm?  

Drop us a line at gardenlife@drinkhrbvor.com.

Above: Harvesting fresh basil from our organic garden in NJ. 

Did you know that the herbs in our teas contain thousands of powerful phytonutrients that help protect our health and promote wellbeing. Phytonutrients help herbs grow from vulnerable seeds into strong healthy plants by protecting their own cells against oxidative stress, toxins, and pathogens in the environment. It turns out that phytonutrients act in similar ways in the human body, protecting our cells from pollution, inflammation, infections and more.

We feel an obligation to return nature the favor. 

That's why hrbvor sources our herbs from premium organic farms that ensure you get purity in every sip of our tea, and keep toxic pesticides out of our planet's precious air, water, and soil systems. After we steep our herbs, we compost them, returning to nature the gifts it bestowed us, and regenerating the soil to produce more bounty in a virtuous regenerative cycle. 


Above: our herbs transformed back into rich organic soil to grow more herbs thanks to our awesome partners @PemberlyFarms.

Hrbvor is a proud member of 1% for the Planet investing our team’s personal time and expertise supporting urban organic gardens. We are honored to inspire families to reconnect with the earth by creating organic gardens that produce sustainable, phytonutrient-dense, carbon-neutral herbs and vegetables in their own communities.