Garden Life = Guarding Life


Herbs are among the plant kingdom's most concentrated sources of phytonutrients, naturally occurring compounds that protect them against environmental stress, toxins and pathogens so they can grow from seeds into healthy plants. 

Amazingly, but truly, when you drink hrbvor's herbal iced teas, you absorb these same phytonutrients in your body, and gain the same protective health benefits against stress, toxins and pathogens in our own environment.

We source all of our herbs from sustainable organic farms worldwide committed to regenerative practices that keep toxic pesticides and chemicals out of your body, and out of our collective soil, water and air.

We slowly cold infuse our herbs to gently extract their amazing flavors and health benefits.  When the flowers and leaves are done steeping, we compost them.  That way, instead of our herbs rotting in the landfill where they would add to greenhouse emissions, they are turned back into rich organic soil to create a virtuous regenerative cycle.

ABOVE: The herbs in our tea returned to the earth to be transformed into rich organic compost by our partners @PemberlyFarms

Hrbvor is a proud member of 1% for the Planet with whom we partner to invest 1% of our sales and our team’s personal expertise and hard work to supporting urban organic gardening initiatives that create fresh, nutritious, low carbon food sources with our partners @grownyc.

We encourage you to embrace the Grd’n Life in a way that feels meaningful to you! Support greener companies, eat greener, plant a small garden of your own, and of course drink more herbal tea! Whatever you do, your body & planet will thank you.

Check out our Founder and Chief Tea Brewer @zahira_marmar on IG for more Garden Life inspiration!