welcome to hrbvor (her·bi·vore)
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Our Mission

Grd'n Life (garden life, guarding life) is our mission at hrbvor. 

- garden life - honoring regenerative practice of organic farming which nurtures and restores our soil.  That's why we source our herbs only from real organic farms. 

- guarding life - the phytonutrients in our teas that help protect our bodies from oxidation, inflammation, and infection. It also means guarding the natural 


-garden life - investing our time and expertise in urban organic gardens where low income communities can grow high quality food, and provide a vital home for endangered pollinators. we encourage you to grow your own garden, even if all you have is a balcony... every plant helps!


- guarding life - donating 1% of our profits to conserving the ecological rainforests environments where all plant medicine originates.  we are not only protecting the lungs of our mother, but also the home of some of your favorite animals, and nature's pharamacy where future medicine is waiting to be discovered