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calm 12-pack

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Cold-brewed organic herbal tea with a sparkling twist and a touch of raw honey. Chamomile, Passionflower, Lemonbalm  & Butterfly Pea. Use this delicious tea to create pockets of centered calm in your day.   Available in 12-pack cases of 8oz ($29.99) and 12oz ($34.99).
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No shortcuts with your health

We start by selecting herbs renowned in herbalist traditions (and backed by modern science) to help your mind and body thrive in the daily challenges of our fast paced modern lives.

Next, we procure these amazing leaves and flowers from organic sustainable farms around the world known to produce the finest varietals.

Last, we patiently cold brew our herbs more than 12 hours to capture their potent phytonutrients while preserving their volatile oils and complex flavors.

Ingredients Suitable for All

  • No artificial anything
  • Zero caffeine
  • Low sugar & calories
  • Love for people & planet