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Let there be Herbs.....Again!

September 01, 2021

Let there be Herbs.....Again!

Did you know? An estimated 10- 20% of patients in western hospitals are there because of side effects of conventional medicine. When I was a child I often contributed to this statistic, ending up in the emergency room for taking over the counter pain killer that I later found out I was highly allergic to. Today I know all the conventional medicines that could inadvertently kill me, and I also thankfully haven't been seriously Ill since my teenage years because I've learned (and always learning) how to use many of Earth's herbs to nourish, protect and maintain good health in my home. 

Today, while we are grateful for the miracles of conventional (bio) medicine, herbal (plant) remedies are making a comeback. Drug-resistant infections, and a long list of side effects, arguably worse that the primary illness, are a couple reasons conscious consumers are seeking out plant based remedies. 

Herbs are Earth's gifts to us for medicine and nourishment. They contain active compounds that have a direct affect on the body, helping to combat illness and support the body's natural actions to regain and maintain good health. It was not too long ago when humans all over the world relied almost entirely on plants to treat all manner of illnesses. Of all the many ways that herbs can be used, my personal favorite is tea. (I'm sure you're not surprised) 

Growing up as a child in the St. Maarten in the Caribbean, herbal teas (affectionately called bush tea) were a daily staple. The children were often sent outside to the garden to pick the herbs to be steeped in that evenings tea. Looking back now as an adult with children of my own, I have fully embraced the place of herbs in maintaining good health and wellbeing. I also remember how herbal remedies were deemed "backwards" and "archaic" with the growing popularity of modern medicine. Thank my lucky stars that my mother believed in tea and tea culture persisted in my childhood home. 

Today, tea culture continues in our home and my personal love (and sometimes obsession) for natural, plant-based remedies drives discovery of new herbs from different parts of our Earth, all of which I consider an honor to share with the world through Tea! 



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